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This piece is a work was made as my Final Major Project for my final year at university over the space of 9 months.
The inspiration for this piece came from cartoons that became popular in the west in the early 90's to the mid 2000's such as Dragon Ball Z along with Avatar The Last Airbender and what they would be like if they were crossed with a more fantasy style setting.

The idea for this piece of work is that many years ago a dragon was flying through planetoids breathing fire on them until they cracked open into jewel filled geodes. The dragon landed on a geode while the jewels were still forming and became encased and trapped by them.
As the years passed the energy of the dragon began to fill the floating world with life and pure cooling water began to flow, eventually stone golems came to life to care for the world around the dragon.

Eventually a legendary wandering master discovered the world and the dragon that was resting there and decided to make this world his home.
The island became a haven for fighters all over the universe and once every 12 years on the year of the dragon the greatest fighters in the universe gather to display their skill in battle to impress the dragon enough to break from its crystalline shell and create worlds once again.
You are a fighter who has arrived the evening before the tournament begins ready for the next day.

for more information visit my website here https://theartofkelvinavey.weebly.com/greatest-fighters-environment.html

Install instructions

unzip and run exe

WADS, space bar and mouse, gamepad also supported


Greatest Fighters World Tournament.zip 291 MB

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